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The current Bentley Azure may have only been in production for four years, but the platform that underpins it goes back to 1998. Developed back when both Bentley and Rolls-Royce were under Vickers ownership, it's the same platform that formed the basis for the Arnage saloon and Brooklands coupe. But with the introduction of the Mulsanne – as we reported back in September – the old platform is set to be retired altogether.

Now that Bentley is concentrating its efforts on the Mulsanne, the Azure is reportedly the next to be discontinued. But if you're super-wealthy and looking for a way to shuttle yourself and your company around the Riviera in open-air opulence, fret not, because a replacement is on the way.

According to new reports, however, the next-generation Azure (or whatever name Crewe selects for the model) may gain a couple of doors. If so, it would – not withstanding the likes of the Maybach Landaulet or Jeep Wrangler – bring back the long-dormant body-style of a four-door convertible, thus separating itself from the Rolls-Royce Phantom DropHead Coupe with which it will be competing.


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