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There are more iterations of the Subaru WRX than there are wallabies in the bush. At least it feels that way to Australians. As the name suggests, the WRX Club Spec 10 is the 10th special edition Rex that Subaru has seen fit to grace the land down unda. We don't actually get special WRX editions here in the States ( save one STI variant), but that's okay as Subaru seems to completely redesign their hot little rally champ every 24 months. However, if we did live in the world's most scenic former British penal colony, here's what we'd get.

Starting up front you'd get the lip spoiler off the STI for enhanced aerodynamics that (supposedly) "improves stability and cornering." Then there's a "flexible" strut tower brace to improve stiffness steering. We think "flexible" is Australian for "adjustable" because there's also a "flexible" lower bar (sway bar) as well as a front end chassis brace. All of this will help reduce front end floppiness and sharpen up the already famed WRX's handling reflexes.

WRX Club Spec 10 owners also get slightly wider 17-inch STI wheels, leather seats, sunroof and sat nav. This isn't the very greatest WRX kit we've ever encountered, but Subaru of Australia is limiting the total Club Spec 10 output to just 250 units. meaning that each one is assured to be collectible. How much? $49,990 Australian dollars, or just over $46,000 in our non antipodean currency.

[Source: Subaru]

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