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For the past 30 years Motorbooks has been hosting Wheels & Wings, an annual "show-what-ya-brung car/motorcycle/truck/tractor extravaganza." Sounds like our kind of party, "From AMCs to Zagatos, Ariels to Zundapps, Allis to Zetors (well, maybe not a Zetor) our friends and customers share their rides with our guests." But what if you and your AMC Matador Brougham can't make it to Osceola, Wisconsin this September 11? Once you get over the shame, fear not!

Motorbooks is asking for your help in designing a 30th Anniversary Wheels & Wings logo. Should your chicken scratching
the fruits of your $160,000 private art school education be selected as the winner, Motorbooks will let you blow $500 on stuff they publish. You might remember that Basem Wasef's hugely awesome Legendary Race Cars is published by Motorbooks. But did you know that they also sell Cars of the Soviet Union (which gets out highest recommendation)? Want to enter? Just click right here. Don't want to enter? Check out a couple previous Wheels & Wings logos in the gallery below.

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