R/C cars in slow motion – Click above for the video after the jump

As Dave Chapelle irrefutably proved in 2004, everything is better in slow motion. Similarly, scale race cars are nearly always more interesting than the real deal, partially because any Joe can afford a WRC Subaru that runs off of glow fuel or electric power, and also because sliding a 1/10th remote-controlled car into a ditch is never really "game over" for the day. Plus, as Nissan Canada recently proved with its spot for the 2010 Sentra SE-R, it's hard to tell the little guys from the real deal on film.

So what happens when the you combine scale R/C cars and slow motion? Pure gold, friends. Aside from seeing their Lexan body shells deflect and bend under the bristling power of tiny motors, we also get our minds blown with just how real these things look. Throw in a slightly out-of-focus image, a perfectly designed course and good looking car, and you could nearly replicate your favorite WRC footage. Hop the jump to see for yourself.

[Source: Awdsome via YouTube]

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