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Spied: Fiat 500 spotted with manufacturer plates in Colorado

This cellphone image caught by a tipster may be a bit fuzzy, but we can definitely see that this is the Fiat 500 caught in action. This image was captured on Saturday near Fort Collins, CO. The lead vehicle, a Mini Cooper, was also likely part of the trip, since both vehicles wore manufacturers plates from Michigan.
What might the little Italian car be doing in Colorado? Good question. It's highly likely that the vehicles were about to undergo some high altitude comparison tests in the nearby mountains. Or they could be on their way to the Denver Auto Show just days away. Whatever the case may be, seeing the Fiat 500 outside of Michigan is a rare sight, but these public viewings are likely to become ever more common as the release of the diminutive hatch is expected next year. We also eagerly await seeing the electric Fiat on the open road. Many thanks to Felix!

[Source: FelixWong | Image: Felix Wong]

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