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Last week Tesla Motors filed an update to its original S-1 documents. The S-1 filing is a requirement as the company moves closer to its initial public offering (IPO). The update contained an abundance of new information such as the report regarding the current Roadster production continuing into 2012 as well as additional financial funding information. Something else was found in the filing worthy of mention. It appears Tesla, in light of the recent Toyota unintended acceleration problems, is equipping vehicles with anti-unintended acceleration software.

As the filing states, Tesla has programmed code into the vehicle that can greatly reduce the chance of an unintended acceleration. The software fixes consist of complex algorithms that basically cut off electricity if the vehicle is shifted to neutral or the key is turned from the on position. As the company said of the software changes,
We stop the flow of electricity to our motor when the car is placed in neutral or the key is rotated from the 'on' position. We also stop the flow of electricity to the motor during normal vehicle operation when the brake pedal is depressed for more than two seconds.
Note to future car buyers: next time you hit the dealerships in search of a new car, it's not a bad idea to check the build sheet and make sure the vehicle you're interested in has that anti-unintended acceleration software upgrade already installed.

[Source: GreenTechMedia]

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