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A great debate is currently taking place between Formula One teams as to whether they should reinstate the use of the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) for next year. The proposal is being considered by the team principals through the framework of the Formula One Teams Association, but while some teams are strong proponents of the reinstatement, others are more hesitant.

The system – which collects heat energy from braking and stores it in either an electric capacitor or mechanical flywheel for release under acceleration – was used last season in the premier motorsport series, but was promptly dropped for this season given a number of issues teams faced.

The Renault and Ferrari teams – both of which used systems developed by Fiat subsidiary Magneti Marelli and are developing hybrid electric vehicles for public consumption – are reportedly the most vocal in their support of the system's return for next season. Potential measures to bring KERS back could include doubling the capacity from 400KJ to 800KJ (thereby making it more useful and also more relevant), implementing a budget cap specifically for KERS development, having teams that already have the system developed provide it to teams that don't and even using a single supplier to level the playing field.

[Source: Autosport]

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