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Renault has gone ahead and answered the prayers of elderly Europeans everywhere by introducing the EU's first OEM front passenger swivel seat. The French automaker recently introduced the option for its Clio hatch as part of a "Mobility for All" campaign, making it a cinch for anyone to get in or out of the car. Folks riding shotgun can simply pull up on a small lever and the seat's base will turn a full 75 degrees to allow easy ingress/egress.

The new option will hit dealers in six countries across Europe, including markets in Spain, Italy, Germany and Renault's motherland, France, starting this year. If you have your heart set on a turning passenger seat, it will set you back a full $2,157 at current exchange rates, though Renault says that's about half of what it would cost to have a similar seat installed by an aftermarket shop. We're in the wrong business.

Old-tyme Autoblog readers will note that this is hardly the first time that swiveling front seats have been offered by an automaker, but it is the first such seat we can think of to be offered in the modern era of crash testing.

Since Renault and Nissan are conjoined twins at the moment, there's some buzz about whether or not the Japanese manufacturer will adopt a similar option for its products. So far, Nissan has kept its secrets to itself, though. Follow the jump to see the seat swivel its little heart out.

[Source: Renault]

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