Looks like Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is on to something. He announced a major policy revision last week that will see his department "treat[ing] cyclists and walkers with policies similar to automobiles." Transportation for America (T4A) has issued the results of a survey that show that the majority of Americans agree with the idea of expanding transportation options to include better public transportation and easier bike and walking options.

How many people believe this? When it comes to what the federal government should be spending on public transportation, T4A found that most 59 percent "of the electorate cite some amount that is greater than what the federal government currently spends." The feds currently spend 17 cents of each transportation dollar on public transportation, compared to 80 cents on highways. 82 percent of voters responded that, "the United States would benefit from an expanded and improved transportation system," including modes of transportation like rail and buses. This makes sense, since 73 percent said they currently have "no choice" but to drive. Find all the details about the survey here.

Autopia notes that, even though T4A is an advocacy group, the survey was conducted with help from two polling firms, one with ties to the Democrats and the other with Republican ties, to minimize political bias. Maybe transportation options shouldn't be considered a political issue. A free country, after all, should be free to get around in a lot of ways.

[Source: Transportation for America via Autopia]

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