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If you live in Japan, own a 2007-2009 Nissan GT-R and want all of the goodies the '10 model boasts, you're in luck. Select Nissan dealers in the Land of the Rising Sun will reportedly be more than happy to supply you with a "2010 Model Version Up Kit." For a little scratch, you can get a reworked set of brake calipers, an upgraded navigation system and a Spec V spoiler to help your car keep pace with the new wave of Godzillas hitting the streets.

While the navigation system will get a software update, it will also feature new USB functionality to allow it to be compatible with the NISMO datalogging kit (sold separately). That's cool and all, but not quite so slick as what's going on with those stoppers.

The original equipment calipers were dipped in a gold paint that would turn brown after a few hard laps, and featured brake pad springs that would fatigue over time. The model version up kit will provide owners with a new coat of heat-resistant gold paint, complete with a prominent Brembo logo and a tougher pad spring.

At current exchange rates, the navi upgrade will set you back $7,335. Throw in the brakes, and you're looking at a final tab closer to $8,669. That special carbon-fiber rear spoiler carries a price tag of $6,668, too. Oddly enough, Nissan will sell you the navigation update as a stand alone, but if you want those fancy calipers, you've got to nab the whole package.

[Source: GTR Blog]

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