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A new analysis from Frost & Sullivan shows that electric scooters and motorcycles could be the perfect solution to a growing urban population and overly congested city streets. On top of eliminating some congestion, these small electric urban transportation devices could significantly cut down on smog and pollution that lingers over major urban centers.

The report suggests that as the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles continues to grow, an ever-growing portion of the population in urban areas will turn to electric personal transportation. Electric motorcycles and scooters are less costly than cars and more mobile, allowing them to easily scoot through traffic in some of the most densely populated European urban centers.

The shift towards electric personal transportation is best described by Frost & Sullivan research analyst Sandeep Chandrasekaran:
Government incentives and infrastructure support, simple designs for personal transportation, an aging population, and an evolving environmental ethic will drive the European electric scooter and motorcycles market. Changing mobility patterns, decongestion of cities, a shift towards eco-friendly transportation, development of mega cities, and integrated mobility will also spur growth in this market.
Currently, electric scooters and motorcycles cost significantly more than the equivalent gasoline counterparts. However, many cities across the globe offer incentives for purchasing these zero-emissions two-wheelers. With incentives on the rise and urban areas becoming increasingly congested, emissions-free personal transportation becomes even more enticing.

[Source: Frost and Sullivan]

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