Lots of things about commuting are aggravating. High on that list is the productivity that gets smothered while you're snarled in traffic. You can only bang along on the steering wheel to Clyde Stubblefield for so long before you start getting antsy to convert the stop-and-go into some forward momentum on a project. Now, what if the whole commute could be as comfortable as the leather seats in an Infiniti G37 while you spent the entire ride with your nose buried in your laptop?

Bay Area commuters can park the car, pay a bit more for a luxuriously-outfitted bus, and recapture that formerly lost commute time. It's more efficient and has a smaller carbon footprint than 52 individual cars with just a single occupant idling away, too. Bauer's Limousine Service, a company that already zips Silicon Valley worker bees from hive to hive, has added four first-class-only buses to its fleet, and it calls the idea Wi-Drive. There's Wi-Fi, power, TV, even meals and coffee on the Wi-Drive buses. A one-way ride will put the hurt on a ten-dollar bill, and there's still some coordination to work out with pick-up and drop-off points, but it could be worthwhile for the increase in productivity and the better disposition you'll have after spending that hour and a half working, or just surfing Bring A Trailer, instead of pounding your head against the wheel in frustration while you sit in traffic.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]

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