SoCalTech is reporting that Aptera Motors has filed information regarding new funding coming in to the company. According to the report, Aptera has raised an additional $9.8 million to help produce its lightweight Aptera 2e vehicle. Six investors have reportedly chosen to put their funds behind Aptera in the latest round of financial support for the company. The company has not released an official announcement regarding the new funding and the names of the investors have not been disclosed at this time.

In previous round of funding, Aptera Motors received financial support from several investors, including Esenjay Investments, Google, Idealab, Beall Family Trust and Simons family. Aptera has struggled financially and many of the company's setbacks are due in part to lack of sufficient funding. Recently, the company announced that is was seeking a production partner in China and contemplating a four-door version of the 2e for other markets. In addition, Aptera also reported that they are seeking suppliers for battery chargers. We're eagerly awaiting an official announcement from the company verifying the new investments/investors and possible production updates for the Aptera 2e.

[Source: SoCalTech]

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