While a new flame retardant interior fabric treatment may not seem very "green" at first mention, understanding the toxicity of current fabric treatments will certainly suggest that more environmentally friendly alternatives are needed. Currently, fire retardant fabric treatments – required to meet fire standards – are used on seats, carpets and headliners within a vehicle. Reports have shown that toxicity levels of the treatments, though low, can affect your health. In fact, one study has found that these chemicals can be present throughout the body including in breast milk. These findings have lead companies to search for safer alternatives. Oh, did we mention that current treatments utilize a molecular structure that can pass right through your skin?

Enter Albemarle Corporation, a Louisiana-based company called that has developed a product believed to solve health-related problems connected to fire retardants used in vehicles. The product, called Green Armor is non-toxic and designed to be incapable of passing through the skin. Green Armor is in the market development stages and is being pitched to suppliers and automakers as part of a green engineering effort. As Abermarle's global director of product advocacy Ray Dawson tells Ward's Auto:
The motor industry, in common with many other industries, is increasingly conscious of green engineering and green chemistry. Within that framework, we believe that (Green Armor) – as it is developed and incorporated in automotive components – will move the industry in the right direction.
The company admits Green Armor will initially cost more than traditional fire retardant treatments. However, the company believes that its higher associated cost is easily offset by its non-toxic nature and increased consumer safety.

[Source: Ward's Auto]

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