Here in the States, car buyers remain inexplicably drawn to chrome. U.S. automakers slap copious amounts of chrome finish on wheels, door handles, trim and grilles because they say customers will pay more money as the chrome content increases. The shiny stuff isn't such a big hit in Europe, where more motorists prefer the subtle look of black or body-color accents and brushed aluminum wheels. But at least one couple in England loves them some chrome, as evidenced by their spanking new £38,000 Mini Cooper.
The Mini, which would fit in nicely with any Middle East shiek's garage, is pretty stunning to look at (for better or worse), but there is a significant problem. A story in UK publication The Sun says Ian Grice purchased the spit-polished Mini as a Valentine's Day gift for his wife Toni, and at that point, the subject of insurance apparently didn't come up.

As it turns out, insurance companies on the Isles aren't at all interested in insuring the little hatch, as Grice claims to have been turned away on several occasions. The companies have reportedly told Grice that the vehicle is too fragile, too easy to scuff of scratch and too attractive to thieves (who steals a chrome Mini and expects to blend in?!) to cover. As a result of the many insurance company rejections, Grice tells The Sun that the Mini is now "the world's most expensive mirror."

The solution to Grice's dilemma may be to purchase the same kind of insurance that high end sports cars and ultra-tuned aftermarket car owners use, but that will likely be a pricey affair. We're thinking that a better alternative is to not buy a chrome vehicle in the first place.

[Source: The Sun | Image: Planet Mut]

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