Lexus CT200h "Dark Side of Green" trailer – Click above to watch video after the jump

Taking a page from BMW's 2001 playbook, Lexus is launching a suspense-ish thriller on May 13th that's predicated on "the darker side of green," all in order to promote the brand's upcoming CT200h to that unicorn-like "young, progressive, energetic and tech-savvy buyer." They're calling it a film, though based on the sneak preview trailer after the jump, no celluloid appears to have been harmed in the making of "Lexus Dark Ride."

The plot is that some opposition group is trying to swipe hybrid technology. The CT200h needs to make it to Los Angeles before dawn. Tony is the crack wheelman, you're the navigator who's tasked with also keeping our boy Tony from avoiding sloppiness. Go.

It may be a way for Lexus to generate buzz among a group of potential buyers that's far younger and hipper than the normal ES350 buyer, or it may just be a way to add excitement to a car that's... not. You decide. Watch the trailer after the jump.

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[Source: Lexus]

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