2011 Scion tC by Five Axis - Click above for high-res image gallery

Yesterday, Scion revealed their brand spankin' new 2011 tC to the world's automotive press here at the New York Auto Show. We happen to think the car looks just fine, but will admit that for a youth oriented brand such as Scion, a little bit more aggression might have been nice. Meet the Five Axis tuned Scion tC, a car that couldn't get much more aggressive unless it was holding a gun. A really big one. \ If you don't know, Five Axis is mostly known for their show car offerings.

The "Blood Shot Red" paint is slathered over a four-inch wide body kit. The lower grill is just plain nuts. Sadly the doors of this concept were locked, but we could see (but not really photograph) that the interior's stuffed with all sorts of customized good stuff, with lots of what appears to be leather and suede. The suspension is made up of Tein adjustable coil-overs. The brakes are ginormous (especially for a 180-horsepower tC), measuring 14-inches in front and 13-inches in the rear. But the brakes aren't the crazy part.

The crazy part consists of the wheels. Ready? The front wheels are so big they require 245/30/20 rubber. The rear? 295/30/20. That's right, the rear wheels are 10.5-inches wide. Remember this car's a front-wheel driver. Sort of gives new meaning to the phrase, "all show and no go," eh?

Photos by Drew Phillips / Copyright ©2010 Weblogs, Inc.

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