It looks like even Hollywood Superstars are not immune to the lure of well-crafted American Iron. The paparazzi recently caught Brad Pitt out for a cruise aboard the one-off steed pictured above. Mr Pitt is no stranger to the health benefits of a good right-wrist exercise regiment – he's been spotted cruising the left coast on several different cycles, including a full range of Ducatis as well as customs from Confederate.

So what exactly is Brad's latest mount? If you notice the matching 21-inch Roland Sands Design wheels front and rear, this setup has become a trademark of designer Jesse Rooke. The California-based custom builder has been churning out some truly unique creations since his debut in 2002, as well as lending his designs to other manufactures like Swift Motorcycles.

One look at a Rooke Ride and it becomes apparent that his inspirations come from far beyond the traditional boundaries of an ever-struggling custom scene. This goes to show that cool is cool, no matter what package it's served in. Now, if we could just get a leg over one of "the other Jesse's" bikes in the near future... We hear they really do carve. Imagine that, a custom that corners. Who says choppers are dead?

[Source: Two Wheels Blog | Image: Roland Sands Design]

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