I'm the King of Reverse – Click above to watch the video after the break

Anything you can do, men I can do better. Sometimes, it seems that those of us who are of the male persuasion seem to think that we can do just about anything. And we're right, most of the time. There do exist those rare occurrences, however, when that hubris gets in the way of actual life.

Fortunately, there are women. For the most part, these fairer creatures don't seem to be struck with the tendency to want to prove their masculinity femininity at every possible juncture. And, as we recently learned, men tend to be worse off behind the wheel because of it.

Such is the case with today's Funny Car Commercial of the Day. Three men from South Africa embark on a bass-ackwards journey just to prove a point. Oh, and despite the ending, we feel the need to mention that the men did, in fact, make it to Capetown as promised. Point made. Click on past the break to watch the video and see more gut busters at veryfunnyads.com.

[Source: veryfunnyads.com]

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