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General Motors has been cranking out the Chevrolet Corvette in Bowling Green, Kentucky since 1981, employing around 500 people at the same time. Early in this year's legislative season, Bowling Green Representative Jody Richards introduced a bill into the state House of Representatives to name the Corvette the official Kentucky state car. But that was before GM came out in opposition of legislation that would force the company to give former General Motors dealers first dibs on new franchise opportunities.

Now both the House bill and a similar piece of legislation in the Kentucky Senate have been sent to committee to die a slow, painful death. Why? No one knows for sure, or at least they aren't willing to go on record and give any solid reason. If you believe Representative C.B. Embry Jr., who had introduced similar legislation back in 2007, the move is a snub to GM for closing a number of dealerships in the state last year as part of the company's post-bankruptcy restructuring plan. There's still a chance either bill will pass, but with scant few days left before a legislative recess, it doesn't look good.

[Source: Business Week]

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