Chevrolet Cruze promotional video – Click above to watch video after the jump

The pre-production Chevrolet Cruze is running off of the line at the Lordstown, OH plant and the workers are "excited" to say the least. Watching General Motors's latest promotional video for the car makes you feel as if the Cruze is the best thing to ever come down the GM pipeline, but we'll save that evaluation for a later date. Our initial impression of the Cruze is certainly positive and the vehicles appears to have some great "green" credentials.

Now we're not sure that the Cruze is that good just yet, but it certainly has to be a relief for GM to see excitement in an offering as budget friendly and efficient as the Cruze lineup of vehicles. The General has struggled in the economy car market for years and would be thrilled if this initial enthusiasm continues after the vehicle's launch and translates into sales success for the company. See what we mean by clicking past the jump and watching the pre-production Cruze video in its entirety.

[Source: General Motors]

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