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Interested in a job in the automotive world? Saab has the news that you've been waiting for. According to AFP news service, production of Saab vehicles will be boosted to six times the current amount in just two short years. In order to meet that ambitious target, the automaker has announced that it will need the help of 500 more workers.

Spyker Cars, the new owners of Saab, announced the need for more workers in Paris last Wednesday. Spyker chief executive Victor Muller also laid out some future financial plans for the Saab brand. Muller said that Saab would receive $1 billion in support and plans for expanding the sales volume will result in overall profit by 2012.

Last year, Saab produced just 20,000 vehicles, though it produced over 90,000 in 2008 before it looked like (then) parent General Motors was fixin' to close up its Swedish shop.. By 2012, the company aims to produce 120,000 vehicles. Spyker anticipates that Saab will sell around 50,000 vehicles this year and slowly increase production until the 2012 target is met. Meeting the goals apparently requires a workforce of 4,000 people, which in turn requires 500 new workers, a sizable hiring uncommon in recent automotive history.

[Source: AFP via Google News]

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