Surprise, surprise. The National Safety Council just released a report saying that all cell phone use while driving – even hands-free – is potentially dangerous and "risky behavior." The study includes some pretty scary figures, including this one: At any time, 11 percent of drivers on the road are on their phones at the same time. Even worse, the NSC estimates that one out of every four automobile accidents occur because the at-fault driver was on the phone. The NSC combed over and referenced 30 scientific studies and reports for its findings.

While you can technically operate a cell phone and a vehicle at the same time, it seems that our brains aren't hardwired to process that much information simultaneously. According to the study, the result is that while we may see everything on the road, our noggins are only making use of around 50 percent of the available information while we're on the phone. Yikes. Want to know more? Click here to visit the NSC's official page.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]

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