Company representatives for Chrysler have been in contact with at least 50 dealerships regarding reinstatement into the the automaker's dealer network. According to a leader who represents the 400-plus dealerships seeking arbitration, the dealers contacted will receive intent letters to begin the lengthy reinstatement process.

Two weeks ago, Chrysler signaled that it had no intention to reinstate any dealers, who were seeking arbitration, back into the network. Now Chrysler has released a statement confirming that they have been in contact with the dealers and will issues letters of intent for reinstatement.

According to Tamara Darvis, a co-leader of the Committee to Restore Dealer Rights, more than a dozen dealers contacted her regarding discussions with Chrysler representatives and the promise of letters of intent to begin the reinstatement process. The letters are expected to be mailed immediately.

Right now, it's unclear if any additional dealerships have been contacted regarding reinstatement, but it's believed that up to 30 more dealerships could be included. According to several reports, the arbitration process is long and costly to the automaker, but reinstatement of dealerships seeking arbitration may actually be more economically feasible for Chrysler and could become a solution for more and more dealerships seeking arbitration.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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