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Many reviews of the BMW 335d concur, naming the vehicle as one of the best diesel offerings ever made. European Car magazine has gone a step further and called it the "poster child" for diesel vehicles. Is it really that good? Our own review of the vehicle comes to a similar conclusion: the BMW 335d is simply amazing.

European Car has a long-term 335d in its fleet and, yes, we are jealous. But, over the course of testing the vehicle, one unexpected problem has cropped up. It turns out that the 335d moves along at such an effortless, serene pace that maintaining any type of speed close to the limit is virtually impossible, so they claim. During a 500-mile road trip in the BMW, the tester was caught by police going 93 miles per hour in a 70 zone. With ticket in hand, the reviewer claimed, "It's not my fault, this car wants to go 120 mph all the time... it's the car's fault."

As a side note, the long-termer at European Car has been edging even closer to the 40 mile per gallon mark. To date, they have recorded a high of 39 mpg on a single trip with careful application of the throttle and smooth driving techniques. Let's recap: a fuel-efficient car that exceeds the speed limit with ease (but not while getting 40 mpg), offers plentiful power and all of the other virtues of the 3 Series. The 335d has our vote.

[Source: European Car Magazine - sub. req.]

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