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Though driving impressions of the new 5.0-liter 2011 Ford Mustang GT are off limits for now, Popular Hot Rodding notes that Ford made no mention of releasing pure facts. It's all about the numbers anyway, right? During last week's media launch for the new Mustangs in California, the showdown between the ( supposedly) 412-horsepower 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 and the 426-horsepower 2010 Camaro SS got underway at a sectioned-off portion of the Camarillo Airport. An eighth-mile drag strip lay ahead of the two ponycars, both equipped with six-speed automatics.

With time-slips in hand, the numbers don't lie. Popular Hot Rodding managed a time of 8.82 seconds at 83 miles per hour in the Camaro, but the Mustang proved to be even faster at 8.62 seconds at 86 mph. Virtually all journalists on hand recorded better times in the Mustang. Crude translations to quarter mile numbers come in at 13.8 seconds for the Camaro and 13.5 seconds for the Stang.

With a base price coming in at $30,495 and numbers that - for now, at least - appear to beat the competition, Ford looks like it has a serious hit in the making with its new 5.0 Mustang. How the renewed rivalry translates from the streets to the sales sheets, where the Camaro currently rules the roost, will be interesting to watch.

[Source: Popular Hot Rodding]

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