We don't know why Honda has kept Prototype 4, otherwise known as P4 (right), and probably known as ED-209 to humanoids in the near future, in a closet for ten years. P4 was the robot after P3 and just before the 'bot we have come to know as Asimo. Asimo was released so soon after P3 was retired that P4 never got his time to shine on stage, but ten years in the dark is still a bit stiff.

Especially because P4 looks cooler than any other robot in the line, especially the first guy, but also the latest Asimo variant because it always looks like it's trying to sneak up on you when it walks. P4's specs are pretty much the same as the current 'bot as well, with the same flexibility but slightly more weight. But dig the black fingers and the blue trim – we see new possibilities for the color coordination of our robot overlords. Now we only wonder if it knows how to say "You have ten seconds to comply..."

[Source: Response.jp via Engadget]

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