Funny Car Commercial of the Day: Teeter-Totter Parking Edition

Mazda2 see-saw parking – Click above to watch the video after the break

Mazda's commercial advertisements have long relied on the "Zoom Zoom" catchphrase, denoting that the assorted vehicles from the Japanese automaker are more fun to drive than their more staid competition. But eventually even Mazda drivers need to find a parking spot after Zoom Zooming themselves around all day.

Plus, even the smallest and most practical of cars, in this case a diminutive Mazda2 from the United Kingdom, have trouble parallel parking into the tight confines of an urban parking spot... unless, of course, there happens to be a Rube Goldburg-esque (though imminently more simplistic) contraption in place to ease the sketchy situation.

Wanna see how it's properly done? Click past the break to find out, and check out for more crazy car commercials from around the world.


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