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Audi of America chief Johan de Nysschen has been branded a reputation that he admits he is less than fond of. Though he may not like his anti-hybrid title, you could say he at least is partially deserving due to some less than thought out comments he previously made.

de Nysschen sat down with Ward's Auto to try to clear the anti-hybrid image from his name. As the Audi chief said, he truly has nothing against battery power nor does the company. He also remarked that many of his comments have been taken out of context, or that little bits and pieces have been posted up to further reinforce his anti-hybrid image. As de Nysschen said to Ward's Auto, "That annoys me. There is no simple answer (to the future of hybrids). And when you selectively isolate part of the reply, then it is easy to continue to reinforce this position that I'm anti-hybrid or that Audi is anti-hybrid."

There really is a moral here for de Nysschen; if you don't want this label, don't say anything that makes you deserve it. We recall a quote awhile back that started this branding, it goes like this. de Nysschen said, "(the Volt) is a car for idiots." It could take awhile to recover from a remark like that.

[Source: Ward's Auto]

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