What do the Detroit automakers, Tesla Motors, Fisker Automotive and Honda have in common? Today, someone from each of these companies met with representatives from the Obama administration at the White House. On the table was a discussion of electric vehicles and how utility companies can/will play a role in the roll-out. Even though Obama himself supports plug-in vehicles, he was in Iowa for a health care rally. We don't know what was said in D.C., but the meeting was apparently headed by auto industry task force chief Ron Bloom. Discussing the realities (and potential) of the plug-in vehicles with companies that are making it happen certainly fits with some of the Administration's previous actions, like giving out DOE loans and $2.4 billion for electric vehicle projects. We'll be looking for reports of what was said at the White House today. If you've got any inside information, let us know.

This is not the first meeting of this sort. Back in 2007, President Bush met with the the CEOs of the Big Three to discuss the future of domestic vehicles, including the prospects for alternative fuels.

[Source: Detroit Free Press via Green Car Advisor | Image: ~MVI~ - C.C. License 2.0]

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