Should other drivers be aware that the vehicle they're tailing is piloted by someone under the age of 21? New Jersey thinks so and has become the first state to enact a law requiring drivers under 21 to affix a red sticker to both their front and rear license plates.

The law, called Kyleigh's Law in memory of a young driver killed by another young driver, will go into effect beginning in May, and the stickers can be purchased from the local motor vehicle department for $4.00.

The sticker program is not without its challengers. Some believe that it will call out undue attention to teenage drivers while others believe that teenage drivers could become the target of criminals or even sex offenders.

According to the state, the stickers will help local police to enforce the state's 11 o'clock curfew for young drivers and to enforce other laws specific to restricted license drivers.

Similar systems have been instituted around the globe – from the UK to Japan – for years, with varying levels of effectiveness. Whether the sticker solution will be widely adopted across the U.S. remains to be seen, but feel free to posit your own opinion in the comments below.

UPDATE: Drivers who have completed the 12-month provisional-license period will not have to display the decal even if younger than 21. Only those with provisional licenses or learner's permits will be required to display the red sticker. Once the driver obtains a regular driver's license, the sticker can be removed.

[Source: New Jersey Online , My Central Jersey]

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