Picture this: It's ten minutes after five o'clock, your heading north on the 405 freeway, leaving Los Angeles. Few times will you appreciate your favorite two wheeled transportation more than this moment. For any of us that spend time traveling through California, we know the practice of lane-splitting can shave hours off of an otherwise grueling commute. However the act of passing slowed or stopped cars between lanes appeared for a time as if it were banished to Golden State, with slim hopes of spreading east. That is until now.

Under House Bill 2475, Arizona lawmakers would allow lane-splitting during a "trial period" of one year. The trial run would only encompass Maricopa County, which contains the Phoenix metro area and all of its surrounding suburbs. Is that a resounding yes we hear? Not exactly, although Bill 2475 has filtered through opposition and passed house committees since being introduced by Republican Jerry Weiers.

Local news reports indicate a splitting of opinions surrounding the safety of the matter. That said, those of us who've lane split in California, not to mention the millions who regularly do so every single day in Europe and Asia in addition to the Far Left State, will tell you the practice can indeed be performed safely. What's more, lane splitting reduces fuel consumption, travel times and roadway congestion.

As traffic grows ever more intense each year, we believe any attempt to cull congestion to be positive. Add to that, the sheer feeling of superiority one gets when making use of the gap between the hopeless four wheeled victims of rush hour is like becoming a VIP of your local thoroughfares. If Arizonans need another excuse to enjoy their year-round riding conditions, that reason may soon come in the passing of Bill 2475. Then who knows... maybe we'll wave as we pass your SUV in the "tight lane" on our way to a Suns game.

[Source: ABC15.com | Image: akeg CC 2.0]

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