As everyone is aware, Toyota had a rough February. Stories surfaced virtually every where regarding the troubles that the company was and still is facing. From an image in tatters to a loss of confidence in the brand, many had feared the worst. Several lawsuits against Toyota were filed on behalf of owners, one aimed at recovering the loses from the anticipated diminished values of used vehicles affected by the recalls. Others predicted that Toyota's used car sales would also plummet due to reliability related concerns and a lack of trust of the company.

It would not be a stretch to believe that the companies current problems would affect certified used car sale – it might even be expected. However, the numbers don't lie and certified sales have fared no worse than other automakers. By the numbers, Toyota sold 18,383 certified used cars in February, leading the way over second place Honda and third place Chevrolet. Overall, Toyota dropped 7.2 percent for February in the certified category, but most other automaker displayed a similar decrease.

How did the Prius fare? Individual model results have not been reported, but the Prius is a major contributor to Toyota's overall certified vehicles sales and if the Prius plummeted, Toyota wouldn't likely be capable of holding a commanding lead over its competitors.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req'd]

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