We've never heard of EcoloCap before, but the company is claiming a major breakthrough in battery technology. The Barrington, IL battery maker claims to have developed a carbon-nanotube lithium battery that uses much smaller quantities of lithium in powdered form while at the same time exhibiting much higher energy density. The cells have reportedly been "independently" tested by a Phoenix, AZ lab called Exponent.

According to EcoloCap, its cells produce a minimum of 200 amp-hours, although the voltage is not mentioned anywhere on its site. By way of comparison, some of the best current 18650 cells (the same type used in the Tesla Roadster) produce about 2.4-2.6 Ah at about 3.6 volts. We have no idea what the format or size of EcoloCap's cells are since the only images on the site are generic shots of clouds, wind turbines and solar panels. A press release indicates that early testing of the cells shows 99 percent efficiency, although exactly what that means is not spelled out.

EcoloCap subsidiary Micro Bubble Technologies also claims to be able to produce a liquid fuel called M Fuel from heavy oils. The description of this product contains all manner of puffy language that leaves us very skeptical of any claims from this company. We're always willing to be convinced, but frankly EcoloCap looks as if it could be headed down the same vaporware path as EEStor.

[Source: EcoloCap]

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