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Tata orders probe into Nano fire

Yesterday, we shared a scary bit of news about a Tata Nano going up in flames only minutes after it was delivered to a customer. This isn't the first incident involving a Nano catching fire – in fact, the folks at Indian Autos Blog report that three other Nanos have suffered similar issues, all while the cars were parked.

Tata Motors says that the first three incidents were the result of a faulty switch placed near the steering wheel, but that those problems have been fixed, and all cars on the road have been checked to ensure that they will not encounter this problem. Thus, the automaker will be launching an investigation into why this most recent Nano caught fire.

A spokesperson for Tata Motors says, "This is a unique case. We are trying to figure out what went wrong." Depending on the outcome of this investigation, Tata may issue one more round of quality checks to make sure this incident does not happen again.

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[Source: Indian Autos Blog]

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