Could the Aston Martin Cygnet kick off a trend? That is, might other historic luxury and performance marques – say... like Bentley, for example – choose to follow in the path of environmental friendship by offering a suitably small and well-appointed city car to offset their gas-buzzling behemoths? What's next, Porsche building SUVs? Oh, wait.
In reality, there isn't any real indication that Bentley will ape the Cygnet idea and offer a city car. But if it did, it might look something like this rendered bit of speculation from the boys at (no relation). We sure hope not. Besides based on a Citroen DS3, this so-called Bentley Barnato looks even less congruous with the automaker's overall lineup than the aforementioned Aston Martin Cygnet.

That said, we certainly wouldn't be shocked to see automakers like Bentley follow Aston Martin's lead in producing small, luxury city cars. After all, looming carbon emissions and fuel economy requirements will take drastic measures to meet, and offering a new line of small cars may be preferable to making wholesale design philosophy changes to the tried-and-true (and profitable) luxury saloon formula. We'll see.


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