The latest on South Africa's entry into the electric car field – the Joule – is that the vehicle's multi-year delay in production might cause it to "miss the boat" in having an impact on the country's place in the new green car universe.
To recap, the Joule was first revealed to the world in 2008 at the Paris Motor Show, with production predicted for the end of 2010. The company behind the Joule (in our head, we spell it "jewel"), Optima Energy, is now predicting full-scale production will start at the end of 2012, even though 100 units will be road tested during the World Cup this June.

KPMG director and automotive industry specialist Gavin Maile told the Weekend Post that the project is taking "too long," and that, "When first announced, the Joule had the capability to be a world leader and it is also known that the government is very keen to have a South African-built electric car." This world leader bit is not looking very likely any more, Maile said, but we'll be happy when the Joule sees the light of day anyway.

For more on what the Joule is/could be, see this.

[Source: Weekend Post]

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