There are four big reasons why Hawai'i is an ideal electric vehicle market: no real range anxiety, a lot of eco-minded citizens, current high energy costs, lots of solar potential. We've been saying as much since 2006. Since then, there has been some progress made: a partnership with Better Place in 2008 and the first public charging station that opened up earlier this year. This year's First Hawaiian International Auto Show shows that the electric car movement is still moving forward in the islands. For example, a sponsor is the Hawaiian Electric Co., which will be on hand "touting the coming age of electrics." A Tesla Roadster and a Mini E will also be on display. Good signs in a state that is dependent on petroleum for 90 percent of its energy. The Honolulu Advertiser says that one prediction estimates up to 10,000 of the state's million vehicles could be electric in five years. In ten years, that already ambitious number could climb to 43,000. Yowza.

Some groups have been working to bring electric vehicles to Hawai'i a long time. We posted a two-part series on those efforts here and here.

[Source: Honolulu Advertiser]

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