During the Bahrain Grand Prix last weekend, Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone was quoted as saying that a return to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was under consideration. Not so fast, say spokesmen for the speedway, who say that while the facility is interested in bringing the U.S. Grand Prix back, talks are not currently taking place.

Since the first "American Grand Prize" was held in 1908, the United States Grand Prix has been staged at a wide variety of locations across the country, including Savannah, Milwaukee, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Riverside, Sebring, Watkins Glen and Phoenix, to say nothing of the individual races in Long Beach, Las Vegas, Detroit and Dallas, or the years when the Indy 500 counted towards the Formula One World Championship. But in between, there have been huge gaps: the race was not held between 1917 and 1957, 1981-'88 or 1992-'99.

After eight races held at Indianapolis between 2000 and 2007 – including a dismal showing in 2005 when Michelin boycotted the event leaving six cars on the grid – the race has been off the calendar for the past three years running. Automakers still competing in the series (following the recent withdrawals of Honda, Toyota and BMW) have been clamoring for a return, as have American racing fans, among them a good portion of the Autoblog team.

[Source: ESPN]

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