Two-wheeled treasure chest – Click above to watch the video of the uncrating after the break

We're sure you are familiar with the old expression that hindsight is 20/20. In most cases this adage holds true, particularly, when it comes to all of the beautiful cars and motorcycles we wish we would have kept over the years. It wasn't exactly a case of hindsight, but rather well planned forethought that drove Bengt Gunnarson to hang on to two of Honda's most elusive models by tucking them away safely in his shop's basement.

Gunnarson, who is the owner of Stockholm's MC-Varuhus (Motorcycle Warehouse), does something most dealers are terrified of: he actually collects motorcycles in between selling them. In 1992, when the Warehouse received its shipment of not one, but two Honda NR models, Bengt quietly stashed one in the basement for a rainy day. Since then, we have yet to see many eight-valve V-four engines with oval pistons floating around. But this was not the first time that Gunnarson had seen the writing on the wall. Only three years earlier, in 1989, as Honda's HRC division was producing a limited number of RC-30 models to meet World Superbike homologation rules, a parking place was also made for a boxed RC in the cellar.

Recently, the crew at MC-Varuhus opened the vault and uncrated these two beautiful bikes. The plan is to let them spend some time out in the open, albeit in display cases, where visitors to the dealership can get a first-hand view of both bikes. Click past the break to watch the unveiling video, as this may be as close as we get to coming to grips with two of Honda's most unique motorcycles.

[Source: Hell For Leather]

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