Lincoln-grilled 2011 Ford Explorer spy shot – Click above for high-res image gallery

Granted, these aren't the clearest set of spy photos you're going to see this week. Regardless, they are interesting as they show what appears to be a next-gen 2011 Ford Explorer with the familiar face of the current Lincoln lineup grafted in place. Sure, it's not terribly surprising to see a luxurious Lincoln created from a more pedestrian Ford product – it happens all the time – but why the Explorer?

Consider that Lincoln already offers a pair of crossovers that are based on existing Ford models, namely the MKX and the MKT. Consider too that the next Explorer will migrate to a smaller, car-based crossover platform... and one wonders just how many CUVs the Lincoln brand could support.

So, just what is this camo'd vehicle we see roaming the streets? Could it be a new Navigator (or a revival of the ex-Explorer-based Aviator), just a cobbled together mule from spare parts that doesn't have any production intent whatsoever, or something new altogether? Beats us. Feel free to take a look at the pictures and judge for yourselves. Thanks for the images, George!

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