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The Mini E is one of the first electric prototype vehicles in the hands of everyday drivers. One driver, Tom Moloughney, has documented his adventures for all to see and read. You may recall that Moloughney recently surpassed 22,000 miles in just over eight months of ownership of his Mini.

Now that he has tallied a tremendous amount of miles, Moloughney gives his take on range and range anxiety through his own blog set up on Inside Line. He recalls numerous events that occurred throughout the course of eight months and presents a view of driving an electric vehicle on a daily basis. As Moloughney points out, it's truly a misconception that drivers of electric vehicle meander down the road with a watchful eye on the range meter. Just as drivers adjust to the consumption of their gasoline vehicles and time their fill-ups accordingly, EV drivers grow accustomed and confident of the range that their vehicle offers.

Not surprisingly, friends of Moloughney were more concerned about range than he was. As he states, comments from friends always included something along the lines of will we make it or what if we run out?

Has Moloughney ever ran out of charge on the road? At 23,150 miles and counting, he has not had a range-related incident leave him stranded and does not expect to have one prior to turning in his lease.

[Source: Inside Line]

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