KTM electric motorcycle prototype teaser – Click above for image gallery

Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM has announced plans to show off two new electric motorcycles at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show later this month. KTM had originally planned to have its first electric dirtbike on the market sometime this year, but the global economic downturn forced the company to put its plans on hold for a year.

Two versions of a single platform are planned from KTM, one a traditional enduro-style dirtbike and the other employing 17-inch wheels and tires to make an electric supermoto motorcycle. KTM's initial electric concept featured lithium ion batteries and a motor that put out just under 30 pound-feet of torque, but we can't be certain what the production versions will use.

At the moment, KTM is calling these two bikes "Near-series prototypes," which we take to mean thinly veiled examples of what we should expect to hit the market in just about one year. Check back March 26th for more as KTM makes these two prototypes official.

[Source: KTM via Hell For Leather]

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