SNL fake Ford commercial – Click above to watch the video

It's the topic du jour: non-stop Toyota humor. From the truly geeky (XKCD) to the world's biggest entertainment stars (Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin at the Academy Awards) to the do-what-you-can folks over at Saturday Night Live, a lot of genuinely funny people at poking fun at cars that go too fast. Watching SNL last weekend, we realized there's a huge problem with most of these jokes: they aren't that good (don't get us wrong, we usually loooove XKCD).

We admit we're not comedy writers and don't pretend we can write a better joke. We just wish someone would. Also, this is a potentially serious issue. Since it looks like the California Prius unintended acceleration case might not be all it appears, lying and cover-ups are a richer comedic vein than dangerous cars, no? Whatever. It just seems that, if you're going to make funny over Toyota's problems, bring your A game. Anybody got a good one?

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