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Of all the fictitious captains of industry and superheroes ever to grace the silver screen, Tony Stark's got to be one of our favorites. Why? Well aside from flying around the world in his super-suit and kickin' terrorist butt, he's also a hardcore car guy. Just look at the Audi R8, Saleen S7 and the poor old Shelby Cobra he nearly ruined in the first episode. Now the sequel is almost upon us, and Tony is taking to the track in a Stark Industries-sponsored single-seater. (See for yourself in the trailer after the jump.) But though the company and its eponymous chief may be fictitious, that won't stop them from actually sponsoring a real race car of their own.

As you can see from the photo above, Iron Man 2 will be sponsoring Stephan Verdier's Crawford Performance-prepped Subaru Impreza in this season's Formula Drift series. That's nothing new: Movies, superhero movies especially, often sponsor racing teams. (Just check out David Coulthard on the podium in a superman cape or Jarno Trulli riding the bat-pod to see what we mean.) But if you look closer, you'll see the Stark logo on the quarter-panel. So while we wait to see Stark's on-screen heroics in the upcoming movie, we can enjoy Verdier's on-track heroics in Formula D as well. Top Tip, Andy!

[Source: MotorWorldHype]

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