Heuliez is saved by investor, taking reservations for electric Mia

, the small French contract automaker who's future has been uncertain for the past year, has finally had the winter clouds above its head give way to sunshine and has (likely) been heard saying "Le printemps est arrivé!" Indeed, spring has arrived for the employer of 600 in the form of an investment agreement from Brightwell that will see the company on the receiving end of €30 million (U.S. $41.29 million at today's rate) all told from that firm and government sources. It is hoped the infusion will help the 90-year-old company continue on its recent course of renewal that has seen it take on some impressive new talent ( Murat Günak and David Wilkie from Mindset) and launch its newest model, the Mia.

Look familiar? Yes, the boxy 3 + 1 that was previously known as the Friendly has undergone some small changes and now carries the Mia appellation. Orders are now being taken at its website for October 2010 delivery of the city-friendly (ahem) electric that will see French buyers taking advantage of their country's " eco-bonus" pay as little as €12,228 ($16,820). That amount gets them a vehicle with a 100-km (60-mile) range capable of 110 km/h (70 miles per hour). Hit the jump to see the Mia scooting about " la ville" in a number of different colors.

[Source: Heuliez / Le Point / Clean Auto]

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