Leo Laporte learns about the Volt mobile app – Click to watch the video after the jump

Over this past weekend, thousands of the most influential geeks in America gathered in the middle of Texas for a huge party conference called South by Southwest Interactive. Being fully aware that most of these people are early adopters of new technology, Chevrolet took advantage of that fact to show off the Volt and offer some test drives.

When it comes to selecting new gear and gadgets, few people in America have a louder microphone than Leo Laporte. Laporte is a long time radio and TV host who in recent years has built up one of the most popular podcast networks out there with his TWIT empire. On Saturday, Laporte and über-blogger/twitterer/video podcaster Robert Scoble had a chance to drive the Volt and came away very enthused. Scoble spent time burning rubber until he was asked to slow down by GM officials. Laporte said of the car, "The Chevy Volt is very sweet. Glad to see Detroit embracing the electric car." Laporte now seems intent on buying a Volt and he and Scoble discuss the car on episode #239 of This Week In Tech at about 40 minutes in. Check out video of Leo learning about the mobile app after the jump.

[Source: Gimme Gimme My EV]

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