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Britain is rife with cottage-industry sportscar-makers, but two are joining forces as racing manufacturer Ginetta has reportedly acquired supercar start-up Farbio.

The Farbio GTS was the brainchild of one Arash Farboud, who since divested from the venture to build his own Arash AF10. Farbio was left to operate independently, launching various versions of the GTS over the past couple years of operation. The company's acquisition gives Ginetta – known principally for its racing cars – a ready-made supercar offering to add to its portfolio, as well as a second factory with an in-house carbon fiber manufacturing facility. The unit will continue to operate more or less independently, however, with current Farbio chief Chris Marsh (previously with Marcos, another British sportscar-maker) remaining at the helm.

The Farbio GTS will be rebranded as a Ginetta product (the top-spec Farbio GTS400 renamed the Ginetta F400, for example), and pricing is expected to remain the same for the time being. Ginetta, however, feels that the chassis could accommodate more power, and while Farbio's marketing strategy placed emphasis on Japan and the Middle East, Ginetta hopes to increase its market share domestically in the UK. Plans are also reportedly afoot to bring the supercar to the North American market, with a homologation team en route Stateside to begin the certification process.

[Source: PistonHeads]

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