The hits keep on coming for Toyota, with reports of unintended acceleration multiplying like rabbits with aphrodisiacs and grandstanding of all sorts going on at every level. Orange County, California District Attorney Tony Rackauckas has added another layer to the cake with a lawsuit alleging Toyota sold cars it knew had problems.
DA Rackauckas (great name) alleges that while evidence Toyota had safety problems was "massive for many years," the parent company and its American subsidiary kept sweeping issues under the rug and settling any lawsuits that might crop up to avoid disclosing the truth. Double-secret internal "Books of Knowledge" that document problems and obfuscatory actions have come to light, though Toyota has not yet turned any documents over. The lawsuit seeks to get to the bottom of what Toyota knew and when, as well as potentially punish the company to the tune of $2,500 per vehicle if it can be proved Toyota willingly sold cars it knew could cause injuries that are impossible to reverse.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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