Chevrolet Camaro Convertible - Visit for additional photos

GM's obviously thrilled with the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro's success, as it's pretty much owned the Ford Mustang on the sales charts to this point. Now, the retooled Mustang hopes to bounce back with new powertrains aimed at erasing any performance advantage the Camaro model has. File that battle under "To Be Continued." The other thing the Mustang has going for it, however, is that sunseekers can opt for a ragtop variant. As in, today. Chevy fans? Not so much.

The waiting game continues apace, however, as the Camaro Convertible inches closer to showrooms. The latest good news comes from, where a contributor nabbed the droptop Camaro out testing with its roof down - the first such sighting. We think it's a looker, just like its fixed-roof sibling, and better still, with the top stowed, all the visibility compromises the coupe has to make in the name of its wicked curb appeal are summarily erased. This is one ride we're definitely looking forward to. For additional photos, make tracks over to


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